July 27, 2008

Report from Comic-Con San Diego

Once again we see that “mere illustration” has proven to be more popular than the museums can hold our interest...

I’m here in San Diego attending the infamous Comic-Con, which started out as a bunch of comic enthusiasts 30 years ago, and has gone on to become a multi- faceted event with close to 150,000 attendees.

Amazingly, it has become the place to be for striking deals with publishers, producers, directors, writers, galleries, comic companies, toy makers, etc. It’s also where artists from so many genres come to hang with each other, play and brainstorm.

Wednesday night was the official opening night, but felt like Saturday at the Con: more people attending than ever before. It seems to get better each year, or worse depending on your perspective.

I’ve been stunned since the first year I attended at the level of camaraderie amongst the various types of artists and how freely we all seem to exchange information, ideas, and encouragement.

Today is Saturday...the busiest day for the Con. I have my agenda to wander the floor because I discover so many unique approaches of artwork from so many ambitious creative minds.

The skill level here is off the charts. These are not amateurs...these are thinkers of the highest order, but applying their abilities to the art of communication, not art-for-art’s-sake.

Students and amateurs abound and all are soaking up the information to become, perhaps, the next generously humble master of the profession.

I’m already looking forward to Sunday, when I get to show off my own hard won skills with a demo painting at the Spectrum booth at 11am!

John Foster and Gregory Manchess
Jon Foster demo

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