July 28, 2008

Post Comic-Con Recap

The bloom is off the rose of the Con for another year. I finished a portrait demo in about an hour & a half today, as part of a series of artist demos for Tor books. I couldn’t resist the urge to paint Hellboy, Mignola design ala Manchess. I had great fun painting the big red lug and every stroke was designated to bring smiles to onlooking fans. It felt like we all participated in the process.


I showed the finished piece to Mike and got his smiling thumbs up before chatting with him about the latest Hellboy movie.

The rest of the day was spent critiquing student & emerging artist portfolios and stopping by to say hi to favorite artist’s booths. I love meeting all the digital artists that work on projects for Pixar, Disney, Blue Sky, LucasFilm, and many others. I’m such a fan of their work, and sequential storytelling. It’s nice to engage in conversation with them when I find that they are enthused about creating original oil paintings. We all have so much in common and drive each other farther.

The enthusiasm to create new ideas for my work will last for weeks, much like it does when I get to the Society of Illustrators Annual Show. And I’ll have hundreds of dollars worth of French graphic novels to keep it going after that.

Later on, after dinner and drinks with friends, I’ll snuggle up with volume 1 of Travis Charest’s “SPACEGIRL”...grin.

Editor's Note: Check out a video of the Spectrum hosted demo at tor.com

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