July 9, 2008

On The Shelves: CA Illustration Annual

This year's Communication Arts Illustration Annual (July issue) is out and about, filled with incredible work and some pretty nifty articles. Every year we enter this competition and generally always get several pieces in. I can boast about this since it has nothing to do with me, and since our artists are so rarely boastful of their own accord.

This year we had some trouble around the time of CA's call for entries, and were unable to enter many pieces that our artists created over the past year. Juror Liz Hale and Editor Patrick Coyne graciously acknowledged this fact in the Editor's Column (p.149). Our artists, however, did manage to enter some pieces on their own, and so there is still a nice sampling in the magazine of some of the stellar work that they do.

Check out Sterling Hundley (pp.17, 67), Mark Summers (p.72), James Bennett (p.75) Ted Wright (p.83), John Mattos (p.85), Gary Kelley (p.101), and a pirate-y spread by Gregory Manchess, (pp.110-111)

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