July 9, 2008

Hard Case Crime Book Party

Hard Case Crime publisher Charles Ardai hosted a book party Tuesday to commemorate the 50th Hard Case Crime novel, Fifty-To-One. The party also celebrated the release of Naomi Novik's latest book, Victory of Eagles (Temeraire, Book 5). Charles is one of our favorite clients, the kind of guy who one day hand delivered tearsheets to our office just to meet our tiny crew and pass out free books.

The party took place at The Explorer's Club, a gorgeous old building decked out with remnants of legendary historical conquests, including mounted tusks as tall as I am, and a stuffed polar bear shot by Rudy Valentino. In attendance was a troupe of dancers performing the Quadrille in full dress, several writers and performers from NYC's Pinchbottom Burlesque, writers, editors, publishers, book dealers, and a few friends including Art Director Irene Gallo of Tor Books.

Fifty-To-One was actually written by Charles Ardai, and the reviews are amazing. Isaac Asimov says "Charles Ardai... will be the next me but, I hope, less peculiar."

Hard Case Crime has published, to critical acclaim, the best modern pulp fiction on the market. The cover art on these books is just striking. In addition to using our artists, Gregory Manchess, Rick Farrell, and Bill Nelson, Charles has art directed covers by Robert McGinnis, Glen Orbik, Chuck Pyle, and more—every one a winner. Check them all out on Hard Case Crime's website.


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