July 29, 2008


We Are All Businessman written by Mark Fabiano
Art Director: Jason Treat
Created for Atlantic Monthly

The fictional story by Mark Fabiano takes place in Sri Lanka. A Sri Lankan man serves as a liaison for an American Businessman. Under the promise that his son will be given preference by the American for a scholarship to study abroad, the Sri Lankan man's Buddhist faith is challenged when the American requests a prostitute.

In my research, I found that the lotus flower is a Buddhist symbol for enlightenment. During the day the lotus flower rises from the water and opens to the sun (enlightenment). In the evening, it closes, and fall beneath the surface of the water. This became my metaphor for showing the father's sacrifice of his own enlightenment (closed lotus) for that of his son (open flowers).

I've shown the approved sketch and the final drawing in my process.

I created this image using mixed media and limited reference. I invested a lot of time in the research part of the project, as my knowledge of Sri Lanka and the Buddhist faith was very limited. The final was first drawn on board, sealed with an acrylic midtone, then I painted my light and dark tones in acrylics and inks.

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