July 30, 2008

Custom Destination Art for Honda

Who knew? Being a Honda salesman has its perks. Artist Ted Wright was commissioned to participate in a sales incentive program rewarding Honda's top U.S. dealers with a custom piece of art, to tie-in with a prize destination tour. In this instance, the top deal makers and their spouses were whisked off to Singita, South Africa, for a photo safari.

While in Africa each couple was photographed, in safari garb, by a local photographer. Unbeknownst to the participants, the photos were then sent via FTP back to Ted Wright's inbox. Ted tinted each photo, added texture where necessary, and placed it with care into a pre-made collage illustration, which was used as a template for all participants. Each piece was then personalized, hand signed, matted and framed, and shipped to the winners. All participants received the art within 7 days of returning home from the trip as a personal gift from Honda.

Each finished artwork measures 40"x12". The use of a template makes it possible to create 88 commemorative pieces within a reasonable time frame, and reduces the total expense for the client.

Africa was the first of seven collages in this series. Ted is currently working on Hawaii and Vietnam.


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