June 3, 2008

Studio Visits with Owen Smith and John Mattos

Already in San Francisco to judge the Academy of Art University's Spring Show, I took the opportunity to meet with my two Bay Area artists, Owen Smith and John Mattos. John picked me up on Wednesday morning and we headed across the bridge to Alameda, where Owen lives and has a studio in a separate building in the back.

Owen showed us his current work, including a sculptural piece that he’s doing for the city of San Francisco. Owen is getting into sculpture now, which is stylistically similar to his paintings. Also, we looked at a work-in-progress picture book, among other things. After a lovely outdoor lunch at a Berkeley restaurant, owned by a buddy of Owen's, all of us piled into the car and went back to San Francisco to John's studio, a loft in Chinatown. Quite a contrast between those two places!

We went over several of his current projects, which also included a city of San Francisco commission, a poster for an auto race, and various other newly finished and on the board projects. We also reviewed his just-completed online illustration gallery, which we all agreed was solid.

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