May 12, 2008

Marshall Arisman Open Studio

Sacred Monkeys

His pieces appear in front of you like incarnations of ancient animal spirits, resurrected via modern image making. Their animal eyes follow you through the room, and a few of them you'd love to adopt for your own. All have been channeled by the eyes and hands of one artist, the one and only, Marshall Arisman.

It was my pleasure to have met Marshall Arisman through his involvement with Art on a Grand Scale. Friday evening Richard and I dropped by an open studio hosted by the artist, where a number of his recent pieces were on display and for sale.

Of particular interest to this fan were the Sacred Monkey sculptures (left), each face a personality out of time, although every large painting and drawing was an intriguing experience of its own. The scope of pieces such as "Rainbow Runners" (top left), a piece made of four large sheets of handmade paper, made me feel like a minor fleck in the continuum, similar I'm sure to how I would feel if I ever had the opportunity to see the ancient cave paintings they remind me of.

At one time, pre-crane, we had a large Marshall Arisman piece hanging in our office. It's subject was a figure, solid and earthly, but deified with wings and a holy glow about it. We had hopes that something that so resembled a phoenix would survive the crash and find a home in our new office, but we were not so lucky, and unfortunately that irreplaceable piece was destroyed.

Walking through his studio, I considered what a true testament it was to Arisman's vision that every piece he's created is just as unique and irreplaceable.

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  1. Mr Arisman,
    I am a devoted follower of your artistic journey...I was at Art Center College Of Design (Class Of 1986-Phil Hays, Dept. Head) I was there when you lectured, a lecture that changed my life and has helped me become a successful artist for the past two plus decades. I would love to talk to you and get the story straight...I live by the jist (sp?) of your lecture..."Make Magic, not Money"...Though I try to repeat your story, I know I do it a disservice. I would love to thank you personally and to tell you how much you have influenced me and my life...for the better.
    Thank you,
    Hector Maritnez

    (626) 568-8081