May 2, 2008

Caipirinhas with Manchess and S. Johnson

After the sweet lecture from Liz Lomax, myself and the rest of the Solomon staff met up with artists Gregory Manchess and Stephen Johnson at a nearby eatery called Circus. We discussed how terrifying clowns were over some wine at the bar. Mid-conversation we realized the restaurant was adorned with several dozen farmed paintings of clowns. The night was suddenly a tad more terrifying. Luckily, Stephen Johnson educated us on some current fine art trends, including "self-lubricating frames" developed by Matthew Barney. The concept of self-lubrication brightened everyone's spirits (even under the sinister glare of eleventy clowns).

While waiting for a table, I noticed several middle aged ladies looking at me and gesturing. Ok, pointing. Ok, they were what is more commonly known as cougars. Peggy BundyBeing the gentleman I am, I attempted to completely ignore them and continue our very adult discussion on the topic of self-lubrication. Before I knew it, one of these cougars was at my side.

SB: Hello?
C: Hi, here is an orange, compliments of my friend at the end of the bar. (points)
SB: Thanks?


...Somewhere on the Upper East Side, it's en vogue to send citrus to people at a bar. You know, because a drink is so old hat. Feeling on the spot, I carved a smiley face into the orange, placed it on a wine glass, pointed it at the ladies and continued my conversation.

We sat down and were joined by Irene Gallo of Tor Books. We had a great conversation about sci-fi art, her blog, and new talent. This particular night she was telling us about a very talented young artist, Wesley Allsbrook (beautiful work, Wesley!). We also passed around a prepress copy of Stephen's new book, A Is for Art: An Abstract Alphabet, guaranteed to be a prize to every over-achieving second-grader. I'm certain several other very important industry issues were discussed intelligently. However, I was introduced to a delicious beverage called a caipirinha that obscured the latter part of the night. Somewhere in there we signed a lease (yes, at midnight in a restaurant) for our new office on 32nd and Madison Ave.

Great seeing you, Stephen.

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  1. Hey thanks! Having people talk about you when you're not there is second only to people writing about people talking about you when you're not there. I just found this. It makes me very happy. Flattered, even.