March 19, 2008

Richard Solomon's Office part of ‘A Tapestry of New York’

Following the events of last weekend, Richard Solomon and staff were interviewed by the New York Times about the building where Richard Solomon, Artists Representative, made his headquarters. “There are, it seems, no ordinary buildings in New York,” the article states. "Over the last quarter-century, No. 305 has been a hub of commercial art as the home of Richard Solomon Artists Representative, an agency that did business directly over Fubar, a neighborhood bar on the ground floor. Shoppers at Barnes & Noble and readers of The Atlantic Monthly, The New Yorker, Time, Rolling Stone, Playboy and The New York Times are familiar with the work of illustrators represented by Mr. Solomon, even if they do not know names like Gary Kelley, Gregory Manchess, C. F. Payne and Mark Summers right off the bat.”

Previous articles called the accident a scene of total destruction. “On Sunday, city officials released a detailed description of the collapse at 303 East 51st Street, saying that workers were “jumping” the crane — intricately adding sections to raise the crane — when a steel collar used to secure the crane to the building fell. That piece sheared off a lower collar, and the entire structure toppled,” the Times reported. Read the full article here.


  1. Richard and Staff,
    I was shocked to hear of your loss. You and your pool of artists have set the standard and continue to influence our field. We in Pittsburgh send you our best wishes on rebuilding and look forward to your continued leadership.
    All our best from the Burgh,
    Mark Bender and The Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators.

  2. News of your recent tragedy is spreading quickly through the Pittsburgh illustration community. As a student and a younger illustrator many of your artist have been a huge influence on my career choice as well as my illustration work. Thank goodness nobody in your organization was injured. I and all the members of the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators wish you our best and hope you can rebuild and move forward quickly.

    Jim Mellett
    Secretary, Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators

  3. Richard & Staff & Artists,
    I am sorry to hear of the disaster in your world!
    With the speed and sound of a thunderbolt you will be on top of the world again...
    you are the top...
    we all look up to you!

    Will RAFUSE