March 26, 2008

News. 3.27.08

Bad news first- my Representative, Richard Solomon lost his office, and years of work in the New York crane collapse two weeks ago. I've posted a commentary on drawger, if you would like to find out more.
Fortunately, no one from Richard's group was there. They surely would have been amongst the casualties.
Unfortunately, I, along with everyone else, lost original art to the random event. My first Gold medal winner from the Society of Illustrators- Edgar Cacey, the Sleeping Prophet, and the angel/divers illustration were lost.

Good news now-
New work completed for Virginia Living- the Gibson Girl.

An older piece for the National Folk Festival to share.

My wife and I will be traveling back to New York to attend the Society of Illustrators Advertising/Uncomissioned show. I will be picking up my second gold medal from this year's annual!

The advertising project that I created for Pacifico Beer's El Pulpo, which was comissioned by Creature Seattle is up in Venice Beach. It will also be painted on a VW van in California, as an extension of the "street" campaign.

My visit to CCA and San Francisco was amazing! My wife was able to attend, and we were treated very well. Thank you to Barron Storey, Owen Smith, and Alexis Mahrus for facilitating the visit. I sat in on Owen's critique, gave a short demonstration, and held a lecture.

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