October 18, 2007

2007-10-18 16:16:00


New Projects completed for Runner's World, Virginia Living, Dimassimo Goldstein, the National Folk Festival.

I have been invited to lecture at CCAD on Monday, October 29th. My wife and I will be heading out on Saturday for a three day trip to Columbus, Ohio, which has been called one of the top 10 art cities in the country!

I've also received invites from CCA, SCAD, ECU, and my good friend Jonh Singer is working hard to get me up to Canada! We will have to see when/if these all come to fruition.

I just juried the CMYK show for next issue. My comments are going to generate some resentment, but they are things that I felt I needed to say. I'll post the comments next update, as not to take anything away from the magazine.

On Monday, October 22 through Wednesday, October 24, My wife and I will be hosting Matthew Porter, a writer for Communication Arts. I received the great news that Communication Arts will be writing a feature on my work for release in spring of 2008!

I have three very talented young artists who are currently apprenticing with me in my studio/home.
Chris White www.chriswhiteillustration.com
Shaun Yu www.whaleboyart.com
Kenny Callicutt callicuttart.com

Here is the new piece for Virginia Living Magazine, based on the bunnyman legend of Northern Virginia. Yes, there is an urban legend about a bunny suit wearing, axe weilding, bunny mutilating, mad-man murderer that lives under a bridge. No higher concept here, just a guy in a bunny suit.

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