October 22, 2007


New work for Topps and Bungie.

Since I'm on a character themed streak, I thought that I would show this illustration, as well.

This piece was created for the trading card set put out by Topps that should be in stores now. Everyone always shows Master Chief in action. I decided to focus on the mundane actions of the everyday hero. This is Master Chief cleaning his weapon- the original pistol from the first Halo. I wanted to remove his helmet, as the armor seems a bit much for an everyday action, but Bungie obviously wasn't to keen on that.

2007-10-23 04:58:00


New work for Virginia Living Magazine.

This is yet another character driven piece on Bigfoot in Virginia, and those who obsess over the mythology (yes, they do drive around in a converted veternarian RV). I tried to use perception vs. reality to express the article that I wrote below. Note Harry from Harry and the Hendersons on the side of the RV- which is the perception part of the image. I've included a couple of the original character studies, which I eventually transfered using gloss medium.


Toe to toe with Bigfoot
by Sterling Hundley

The legend of Bigfoot is often associated with the Pacific Northwest. Little known, is that there are frequent sightings of the legendary Sasquatch right here in Virginia.

Hunters of this kind of lore search with the intent of validating superstition. To bring an element of science to the art of mythology. What happens when they stand face to face; toe to toe with the very legends that they are chasing? Do these obsessions come to an end, or do they deepen with the encounter? What of the legends being pursued? Are they celebrated? Forgotten? Popularized and exploited? When the chased stop running, the pursuers can find that they bit off more than they can chew. A word of warning to all those in pursuit of legends- beware, you might just find what you are looking for.

October 18, 2007

2007-10-18 16:16:00


New Projects completed for Runner's World, Virginia Living, Dimassimo Goldstein, the National Folk Festival.

I have been invited to lecture at CCAD on Monday, October 29th. My wife and I will be heading out on Saturday for a three day trip to Columbus, Ohio, which has been called one of the top 10 art cities in the country!

I've also received invites from CCA, SCAD, ECU, and my good friend Jonh Singer is working hard to get me up to Canada! We will have to see when/if these all come to fruition.

I just juried the CMYK show for next issue. My comments are going to generate some resentment, but they are things that I felt I needed to say. I'll post the comments next update, as not to take anything away from the magazine.

On Monday, October 22 through Wednesday, October 24, My wife and I will be hosting Matthew Porter, a writer for Communication Arts. I received the great news that Communication Arts will be writing a feature on my work for release in spring of 2008!

I have three very talented young artists who are currently apprenticing with me in my studio/home.
Chris White www.chriswhiteillustration.com
Shaun Yu www.whaleboyart.com
Kenny Callicutt callicuttart.com

Here is the new piece for Virginia Living Magazine, based on the bunnyman legend of Northern Virginia. Yes, there is an urban legend about a bunny suit wearing, axe weilding, bunny mutilating, mad-man murderer that lives under a bridge. No higher concept here, just a guy in a bunny suit.